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Where We Begin

Awesome Caffe In Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

We’re pretty sure that many of you have heard of the TV sitcom “Cheers”.

The show is set in the late 80s, in a joint named Cheers in Boston, Massachusetts, where a group of friends and locals meet to drink, relax and socialize. Thanks to its catchy theme song it became a place where ‘Where everybody knows your name’.

Chill & Relax

Take a coffee and have a break

At Caffe Abnomal we inspire to be your neighbourhood’s version of Cheers. You could say our story is one based on friendship, making a dream come true and simply a love for good coffee. With our specialty in making great, high quality yet affordable coffee our café will be the perfect setting to chill, get to know one another and share your everyday stories. Step inside Café Abnomal, put aside the concerns of exams, work and home. Just hang out simply for the pleasure of good company and lively conversation over a cup (or more!) of good coffee.


Enjoy your time with a cup of coffee

Our journey has just begun but we are excited that we are now reaching out to people, connecting them by delivering few of life’s simple pleasures, serving excellent coffee and good food in a relaxing atmosphere.

Step inside. Welcome to Café Abnomal!